Helsingin queer-feministinen kuoro

Helsingin queer-feministinen kuoro, the Queer-feminist Choir of Helsinki (HQFK) was founded amidst the pandemic, and it performed for the first time in November 2021 in pocket size (i.e. as an octet). Now the choir has 25 members. The choirs repertoire varies from traditional choir music and folk songs to pop songs, performed with a queer-feminist twist. The conductor of HQFK is Kirsi Marttinen, for whom everything can be queer except for the pitch.

We have performed in various queer community’s events in Helsinki. For us friendships with other LGBTQ choirs are important, and we have shared precious moments with Vikerlased (Estonia) and Barberfellas (London), and of course our Finnish friends Out n’ Loud and The Friends of Dorothy. This February we have the honour of performing with Vikerlased in Tallinn in their 5th anniversary concert!