OurSong Atlanta

OurSong is comprised of musicians from all walks of life with varying levels of musical experience. Some members hold degrees in music, some grew up singing in church, some have performed with famous artists and conductors and some have joined OurSong as their first foray into choral music. However, all of us sing with OurSong because we love to sing. We love the gift that making music brings to our lives and we love sharing that gift with our audience. OurSong has been active for over twenty years.

By sharing the gift of music with our audience, we are sharing our love and appreciation for the many gifts our audience has given us, individually and collectively. You see, we could probably all go home after rehearsal and consider our need to “get our music on” addressed for the week, but that is just not enough. What we create together, as OurSong, in a choir room, has to be shared. We.Make.Music. We make words and notes come to life, with our voices and our hearts, along with our shared experiences.

While we may miss a note or word, here and there, we are always giving you our heart. The music of OurSong is the tool we use to communicate our love. Love of song, love of the music we make with the song and love for our companions that walk this path alongside us. OurSong will never simply deliver songs to our audience; when you attend an OurSong concert, you will receive our hearts, in the form of music. OurSong performed in several cities in the United States of America. OurSong has attended GALA Chorus Festival for four times. We have also performed at Various Voices in Dublin, Ireland and in Munich, Germany. OurSong has performed with several choruses from the USA as well as Choral Con Fusion, Dublin; canta: re from Berlin and Doodles from Prague. OurSong has performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and in concert with Hugh Jackman as well as several other performers.

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