As we prepare to embark on our journey to the beautiful city of Bologna for the Various Voices festival, QQ want to take a moment to express how important this opportunity is for us. This festival brings together choirs from all over Europe and beyond, showcasing the diversity and power of choral music.

For us, as a choir, it is an incredible honor to be a part of this event. To have the chance to share our music with such a large and diverse audience is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And let’s not forget the opportunity to learn from other choirs, participate in workshops and masterclasses, and simply enjoy the beauty of Bologna itself.

So let us go forth with confidence and pride, knowing that we are representing not only ourselves but our community and country as well. Let us be grateful for this amazing opportunity and make the most of every moment. And let us never forget the power of music to bring people together and inspire us all.

In 2014, during Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine, a small choir was born out of an initiative group of LGBT volunteers. Today, many years later, our choir has undergone several personnel changes and the world around us has changed, but unfortunately, we continue to fight for our rights, borders, and identities.
We may be a small choir, but we have a big voice and an even bigger heart. We will continue to sing out against oppression, hate, and discrimination.

Dear fellow,
we cannot ignore the immense challenges we have faced during our preparation as a choir coming from Ukraine. In light of the ongoing war and political instability, it may have been difficult at times to focus on our music, but we persevered. We never lost sight of our collective commitment to being stronger together.
We are proud of who we are as a group of talented and capable individuals, and we never forget the importance of standing up for equality, dignity, and all that is valuable in this world. As ambassadors of Ukraine, we will showcase not only our musical talents but also our resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit.

Let us take on this challenge with open hearts and minds, and let us show the world what we are made of. Our participation in this festival is not just about performing, but also about demonstrating the power of music to unify people and transcend borders.

Thank you for your efforts in preparing for this festival, and let’s make the best of every moment by sharing our culture, our passion, and our love of music with the world.