For all legal purposes, only the Terms of Use written in Italian (the text of which is available here:, shall be considered valid and binding.

This version, written in English, has the sole purpose of facilitating the User to understand the obligations and rights that arise using this website and with the registration to the Festival.


Section I: Site Terms of Use

Art. 1 – Definitions and premises

1. Unless otherwise provided for, the following terms and expressions shall have the meaning given below:

a) “Planning”: Planning Events S.r.l. Unipersonale, with registered office in Via Guelfa 9, 40138, Bologna, Italy, VAT no. 03887911208, PEC:, e-mail:, which has been commissioned to manage this Platform and individuals enrolments to the musical event “Various Voices” for the edition of 2023 by Aulos Associazione di Promozione Sociale, C.F. 91426780374, with registered office in Via Capo di Lucca n. 37, Bologna (BO), Italy, e-mail: (“Promoter”). Inhere, Planning acts as an agent without representation on behalf of Aulos APS, organizer of the musical event “Various Voices” 2023, promoted by LEGATO – European Association of LGBTQ+ Choirs;

b) “User” or “Delegate”: the natural person of legal age, as specified in art. 11 below, who registers on the Site and uses the services available on the Site, who declares to have full capacity to act and enter into the Contract in compliance with these Terms. Planning will in no case be required to verify such requirements for the Users;

c) “Consumer”: any natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out, whose Contract with Planning is also subject to the specific legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206 (“Consumer Code”);

d) “Choir”: legal entity, even if not recognized, and/or group of people, regularly enrolled in the LEGATO associations – European Association of LGBTQ+ Choirs – or, alternatively, GALA Choruses Association and who has registered to the Various Voices 2023 Event;

e) “Parties”: Planning and the User;

f) “Siteor “Platform”: the web platform reachable at the URL,owned and operated by Planning, whose functionalities and features may be subject to change at any time, even without prior notice;

g) “Event” or “Festival”: the musical event named Various Voices 2023, which will take place in Bologna from 2023, June 14, to 2023, June 18 (subject to subsequent modifications);

h) “Service”: any service made available on the Platform, free of charge and/or on payment, in order to allow the access and the use of the Website contents, in particular to allow Delegates registration to the Various Voices 2023 International Event and to manage the related information;

i) “Terms of use” or “Contract“: It is composed of the present Terms and the Privacy Policy.

2. The Site and these Terms of Use exclusively concern the individual registration and participation of the Delegates in the Event, as physical person, having the requirements indicated on the Site. This Contract is about the functioning of the platform, for any information related to and the Users are therefore required to refer directly to the relevant Terms of Use and contractual conditions.


Art. 2 – Pre-contractual information

  1. The User agrees to carefully read the information documentation in order to understand its structure before using the features of the Site and the Services and is invited to always check the information and data communicated and make sure that what has been sent and/or communicated to Planning complies with what is required.
  2. When registering on the Site or, in general, using the Services made available on the Site, the User is required to: (i) read and accept these Terms of Use; (ii) read the Privacy Policy on the Site; the above documentation can always be saved by the User on a suitable durable medium and/or printed on paper.
  3. The Terms of Use will also apply to any new Services that are made available in the future through the Site, unless otherwise provided for and communicated at the time of the first provision of the new service.


Art. 3 – Rules of use of the Site

1. The User can register his personal account as Delegate and use the Services through the Site. The User accepts and recognizes that these features may not be used for illegal purposes or in violation of the regulations in force. Therefore, by way of example but not limited to, the User:

a) is prohibited from using the Site to promote any type of initiative unrelated to the use of the Services made available by Planning, such as protests, organizing petitions, creating new sites or forums, etc.;

b) it is forbidden to insert contents that could be considered defamatory, insulting, obscene, offensive to the religious spirit, damaging to the privacy of the people, or however illicit, according to the Italian law and the international laws;

c) it is forbidden to insert contents that are or can be considered as: (i) offensive to institutions or religion of any faith. Comments in a sarcastic, mocking, sacrilegious and denigrating key must be avoided; (ii) expressions of racism and apologia of the inferiority or superiority of a race, people or culture over others; (iii) an incitement to violence and the commission of crimes; (iv) pornographic material and links to sites prohibited to minors under 18 years of age; (v) forms of political, party or factional propaganda or containing ideas or statements clearly referring to political ideologies; (vi) contrary to mandatory rules of public order and morality; (vii) considered, in general, as “spam”;

d) it is forbidden to quote material taken from official information sites, newspapers, magazines.

2. Violation of the above provisions will result in the non-approval or removal of the content sent and/or published on the Site, except for any more serious measure, constituting a breach of contract by express will of the Parties.


Art. 4 – License of Use

  1. Planning grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use the Site and Services in accordance with these Terms of Use. However, you are prohibited from disassembling, copying and/or reproducing the Site, Services or any software owned or used by Planning to provide such service. In any case, Planning remains the owner of any and all rights to the Site, software and services available through the Site.
  2. All techniques, algorithms and processes contained in the Site are proprietary information of Planning or its licensors, suppliers and assigns, and may not be used by the User for purposes other than those stated in these Terms of Use and on the Site. In particular, the license thus granted does not include any right of resale or commercial use of the Site and/or its contents and grants the User only the rights of use expressly granted to him under these Terms of Use.


Art. 5 – Suspension of services through the Site

  1. Planning reserves the right to suspend the provision of services provided through the Site in the presence of justified security problems and / or necessary maintenance work, upon notice given without formality to the User (by e-mail or by means of a notice published on the Site), without this constituting a breach, committing itself, however, to contain the aforementioned suspension in the shortest time possible to allow the resolution of the problems encountered and / or the performance of necessary maintenance work.
  2. Planning reserves the right to modify or disable access to the Services, with or without prior notice to Users, by way of example and without limitation, if (i) it is required by the competent authorities, (ii) changes are introduced in the current legislation affecting the Services provided, (iii) technological innovations are introduced that make it necessary to change the provision of Services, and (iv) there are irregularities relating to information and / or documents communicated by users, in violation of these Terms of Use.


Art. 6 – Exemption from liability for content posted by the User on the Site

  1. Except as provided in these Terms of Use, Planning has no obligation to monitor any content posted by Users on the Site, as provided by Legislative Decree no. 70/2003. Planning reserves the right to remove any User-generated content if it is made aware or otherwise becomes aware of the pursuit of an unlawful purpose and / or violation of one or more of the prohibitions set out in the preceding articles, and / or is made expressly request by a judicial or administrative body and / or a third party who considers itself aggrieved by the content posted by the User. In these cases, Planning will notify the user of these measures in any way and will be entitled to suspend or delete the user’s account without notice, without prejudice to any other action against the person responsible for violations.


Section II: Supply of services

Art. 7 – Conditions of use of the Site

  1. These Terms of Use govern the use by the User of the services made available within a dedicated virtual space on the Site. The features of the Services and the availability of each feature may change without notice.
  2. Access to the personal area and/or the possibility of using the Services by the User presuppose the availability of suitable hardware and software devices, as may be indicated on the Site in the particular conditions of use of each Service. The lack of these requirements or other elements beyond the control of Planning may result in the inability to use the Services and features of the Site, without any liability and / or default can be attributed to Planning.
  3. Due to the nature of Internet services and the structuring of such network, the User acknowledges that the actual speed of connection to the Platform may vary depending on the degree of network congestion, the quality of network infrastructure and equipment used.
  4. With the exception of what is explicitly established and agreed in the Contract, each Service is provided “as it is” also in relation to the quality and performance of the Services themselves. Planning does not warrant that the functionality of the Services will meet the User’s requirements, be continuous or error-free.


Art. 8 – Functionality and characteristics of services

  1. Planning makes available to the Users through the Site an online Platform, accessible through the User’s hardware/software workstation connected to the Internet network. Access to the Platform allows the User to use the Services within a dedicated virtual space. The characteristics, methods of provision and relative costs of each Service made available via the Platform are indicated on the Site.
  2. Where expressly required by the particular conditions of each Service, the User undertakes to provide Planning, in the manner indicated on the Site, with the data and/or documents necessary to enable the correct execution of the Services requested. The User acknowledges and accepts that the refusal to provide such data, if requested, may prevent the regular use of the Services and in particular the participation in the Event.
  3. The User acknowledges and accepts that the Services made available through the Platform may be provided by Planning directly and/or through the services of third parties, in relation to the correct execution of which Planning does not assume any responsibility towards the User.


Art. 9 – Availability and Enrolment Deadlines

  1. Delegates registration to the Event can be made exclusively online through the Site. For the registration of the Choirs, the User is invited to check and use the website In no case will we accept registration requests received by other means.
  2. The deadline to submit the application for registration of the Choirs is May 31, 2023. Planning reserves the right to anticipate this deadline, even without prior notice, for example if the maximum number of Delegates admitted is reached. The maximum number of participants is now equal to 3000. The User is aware that these limits are indicative and that the maximum number of Choirs and individuals admitted may vary at any time, even for causes and reasons beyond the control neither of Planning nor of the Promoter.
  3. For the Event, reference is always made to the time zone CEST – Central European Summer Time and the deadline is understood to be 23:59 of the indicated date.


Art. 10 – Registration for the Event through the Site

  1. The User may request to register as Delegate for the Event, following the procedures indicated in the relevant pages of the Site, to which reference is expressly made. To this end, the User warrants that he/she is entitled in any capacity whatsoever:

i) to provide, when requested, the personal data for purposes related to the registration of the Event, as also indicated in the Privacy Policy;

ii) to approve these Terms of Use and any additional documentation containing the rules of participation and conduct of the Event;

iii) pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 96 L. 1941/633, to confirm the necessary authorization to publish on the Site and, in general, to use within the activities, also prodromal to the participation in the Event, photographic images and videos, content and reproductions depicting his/her image.

  1. The User guarantees that the data and information provided are correct, complete and true, with the consequent obligation to hold Planning and/or any third parties harmless and indemnified against any damage, claim or penalty however arising from the violation of the above warranty. Notwithstanding the above, Planning reserves the right to exclude the Delegate from the Event if the data provided by the User are incorrect, without any right arising from such exclusion, except as provided by law and by these Terms of Use.


Art. 11 – Registration Procedure

1. The User may request to register as Delegate for the Event, following the procedures indicated in the relevant pages of the Site, to which reference is expressly made. In particular, in order to register for the Event, the Delegates will have to select, through the appropriate form, the voice:

a) “Singer/Director/Musician”: if they are members of a participating Choir; in this case, they will also be asked to enter the registration code of the relevant Choir during registration;

b) “Non-Singer”: if accompanying members of the Choir and/or participating as spectators at the Event. In the case of accompanying persons, they will be asked to enter the registration code of their Choir during registration.

Proceeding with the registration, it will be necessary to enter the required information, following the directions displayed in the registration form, including, by way of example, role played (chorister, director, musician, non-chorister), name, address of residence or domicile, contact details, special needs, billing and payment information.

2. Each request sent by the User implies acceptance of these Terms of Use and of the Privacy Policy, which can always be viewed, saved and printed before payment, and constitutes an offer for the purchase of the Service made by the User to Planning.

3. The request for enrolment of each Delegate is subject to the express acceptance of Planning: Planning, after verification of the data entered by the User, has the right to accept or reject the registration proposal received if the Delegate does not meet the requirements, without the User can make claims or rights of any kind, for any reason, in case of non-acceptance of the proposal itself.

4. The registration to the Event will be considered properly done only with the receipt by the User of the notice of confirmation of registration by Planning sent to the e-mail address provided by the User.


Art. 12 – Participation fees

  1. The amounts due as participation fees for the Delegates are listed on the website and could vary, for example: (i) to the country of origin of the Delegate and (iii) to the period in which the Delegate is enrolled in the Event (“Early bird” from 2022/05/01 to 2022/09/30; “Regular” from 2022/10/01 to 2023/01/31; “Late” from 2023/02/01 to 2023/05/31: the periods indicated in any case are not to be considered binding and may be subject to change at any time, even without notice).
  2. The User will pay to Planning, through the company Planning Congressi S.r.l., specifically appointed by Planning for this purpose, the price indicated in the communication confirming the registration. All prices are indicated on the Site and are inclusive of VAT only, if due. In the event that a fee is discounted or subsidized, the discount percentage, the original or ordinary cost and the final cost are indicated.
  3. The only currency accepted for payment of participation fees and other services will be the Euro (€); any additional costs or currency conversion fees charged by the payment provider will be charged exclusively and entirely to the User.


Art. 13 – Payment

  1. The payment can be made by the User directly online using the services offered by the payment channels (including, but not limited to, PayPal and Credit Card) made available on the Site, to whose terms and conditions of use express reference is made. The relevant information provided by the User will be transmitted and managed by the respective providers of such payment instruments (“Intermediaries”), via secure connection directly to the website of the Intermediary handling the transaction. For the protection of the User’s security, no data relating to the payment instruments is written on the documents relating to the purchase confirmation and/or stored on the Website and/or by Planning, which is only informed of the outcome of the relative transaction.
  2. Each confirmation of payment will be delivered in electronic format by e-mail to the address associated with the User’s account directly by the Intermediary.


Art. 14 – Payment of registration fee and invoicing

  1. Payment by the User is a necessary condition for the enrolment in the Event and for the provision of further Services through the Platform; therefore, confirmation of enrolment will be made only after Planning has correctly received payment. In any case, for the registration terms, reference will be made to the date on which the User made the request and not to the date of receipt of payment by Planning.
  2. In case of successful payment, Planning will send the User an e-mail confirming the payment received and the registration to the Event.
  3. The invoice will be in the name of the person making the payment, as an individual or as an association, company or other legal form, and, to this end, the User must indicate the data necessary for the correct issuance of the invoice. The User assumes all responsibility for the accuracy of this information. No changes to the invoice will be possible after the invoice has been issued.
  4. Each invoice will be delivered in electronic format and / or in the manner prescribed by current regulations to the e-mail address provided by the User.


Art. 15 – Requirements check

  1. In order to participate in the Event, the Delegate is responsible for following the instructions on the Site, as well as further instructions provided from time to time by Planning prior to the Event, either through the Site or through the e-mail address and/or telephone provided at the time of registration. It is your sole responsibility to verify that the registered Choir meets all requirements for participation in the Event.
  2. Planning reserves the right to verify that the Delegate meets all the requirements for registration and participation in the Event.
  3. In addition, the data (name, surname, country of origin, city and e-mail address) of each Delegate who has registered as “Singer/Director/Musician” will be communicated to the respective Choir through the Choir’s personal page on the website in order to verify the organization of the Choir, as well as the information provided and report any changes to be made. For any change requested by the Choir, the Delegate must contact the Choir, not assuming any responsibility for Planning.
  4. If, following this verification, the Delegate does not meet the above requirements, Planning may, at its sole discretion, decide to exclude the Delegate from participating in the Event, cancelling his/her registration. Without prejudice to what is foreseen in the articles 21 and following, in this case Planning will withhold, as a cover for the administrative costs of management, a sum equal to 20% of the registration fee, if it has been paid by the User during the registration phase. The reimbursement to the User of the residual sums will be made by Planning with the modalities and times indicated in the following art. 20.


Art. 16 – Participation

1. The registration to the Event and the payment of the relative participation fee for each Delegate include:

a) the pass to participate in all the events and concerts of the Festival that will take place from June 14th to June 18th 2023, with the specification that, according to the availability of places, for some of them it could be necessary to book in advance, following the indications that will be provided by Planning and/or by the Promoter through the Website and/or through special communications by e-mail;

b) free entrance to Various Voices Village for all the days of the Festival;

c) the Bologna Welcome Card, provided by the Promoter in collaboration with Bologna Welcome S.r.l., which allows the Delegate to have special prices at shops, institutions and institutes in the city of Bologna (for more information see: );

d) Delegate’s kit;

e) where expressly requested by the User, mobility assistance service. In order to take advantage of this service, Users are invited to inform the Choir of their needs and agree with the Promoter on possible solutions among the available assistance services.

2. In any case, the Promoter will inform the Delegates, prior to the Event, via the Site and/or specific e-mail notifications, of the specific characteristics of each service, as well as the procedures for obtaining and using them. Anyhow, the User is aware that all services are intended as an indication and not binding and may be modified at any time even without notice at its own discretion by the Promoter.


Art. 17 – Additional services bookable on request

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding article, during the Festival, the Delegates may also participate in additional events and/or initiatives, as better described on the Site and/or communicated by Planning or AULOS APS to the User. Unless otherwise indicated, the participation to further events is to be considered included in the participation fee paid for the registration to the Event, to which they are closely related. The User is expressly informed that: (i) it is not possible to participate in one or more of the further Events without being duly registered for the Festival; (ii) it is necessary to make a special and separate registration to participate in the further Events, always through the Platform, and specific to each initiative. In case of non-compliance with points (i) and (ii) above, the Delegate will not be allowed to participate in any event other than those indicated in Art. 16 “Participation”.
  2. The User is invited to carefully check the registration terms of each further event and the modalities of participation in them, since Planning cannot be held responsible in any way in case of wrong and/or late application of a Delegate to such events.
  3. It remains in any case excluded from the management and responsibility of Planning any question and/or organization related to Delegates’ accommodation and travel. Participants will be able to take advantage of a dedicated service for booking accommodation at special prices through Bologna Convention Bureau ( ), without being bound by it. More information is available on the Site and/or by contacting Aulos APS at the addresses indicated on


Art. 18 – Release for the use of images

  1. The User is aware that the Promoter, as organizer of the Event, may, at its discretion, make, even through its business partners and / or service providers, photographic and / or video recordings during the course of the Event and the related events and performances of the participants. Such footage may be used for the purposes of documenting and promoting the Event, on the Site and on the websites of commercial partners and/or affiliated associations, as well as broadcast on radio or television.
  2. By accepting these Terms of Use and enrolling in the Event, the User represents and warrants to give full permission for the use of his/her image to be used and/or filmed in the context of the Event for purposes related to the conduct of the Event itself.


Art. 19 – Guarantees on the contents used for the Festival

  1. The User warrants the peaceful possession and enjoyment of the rights to images, videos, trademarks and, in general, the content uploaded to the Site and shared with Planning or Aulos APS in relation to the Event, and declares that the use and publication of such content by Planning, Aulos APS and third parties involved in the implementation of the Event will not violate, either in whole or in part, the rights of third parties or any rule or provision of law, national and international. The User also declares to have expressly obtained the written consent, to all legal effects, of any third party rights holders on the content communicated to Planning or Aulos APS for the Festival and to have fulfilled all obligations, including economic, possibly provided for the legitimate use of the same and for their communication to third parties, undertaking to provide all necessary documentation to prove it upon request of Planning or Aulos APS.
  2. With reference to the musical content and artistic performances, the User warrants that, by accepting the Terms of Use, is granted to Planning and its partners, including Aulos APS, any necessary authorization for the communication and making available to the public, in any form and manner, including the dissemination through the Site, including pursuant to the effects of art. 80 and following of Law 633/1941. The User acknowledges and accepts that for these reproductions will not be due any compensation by Planning or Aulos APS, renouncing as of now to any request in this sense, being this recognition fully compensated by the same participation to the Festival and the publicity resulting from this Event.
  3. With reference to the obligations and warranties referred to in the preceding paragraphs, the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Planning and all third parties involved from any adverse consequences that may occur, directly or indirectly, due to violation by the user of the obligations under this article.


Art. 20 – Cancellation

1. Delegates can request the cancellation of their registration to the Event, by sending a communication to The cancellation is considered correctly made only when the user receives a confirmation e-mail from Planning.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 21 below, in case of cancellation requests sent:

a) Before December 31, 2022, Planning will retain 10% of the amount paid as a registration fee to cover administrative management costs;

b) between January 1st 2023 and March 31, 2023, Planning will retain 50% of the amount paid as a registration fee;

c) from April 1st, 2023, it will not be possible to receive any reimbursement of the amounts paid for the registration.

3. Where applicable, the partial reimbursement of the amounts paid as registration fees will be made by bank transfer by Planning Congressi S.r.l., a company appointed by Planning, using the same references used by the user to pay the fee during registration. The reimbursement will be made within 30 days after the acceptance by Aulos APS of the cancellation request.

4. There is no refund of amounts paid in case of non-participation in the Festival.

5. In the event of definitive cancellation of the Festival, pursuant to art. 25, Planning will reimburse the sums paid by the Delegates as registration fee, net of administrative and management costs incurred up to that time and non-refundable.


Section III: General instructions

Art. 21 – Consumer’s right of withdrawal

  1. Without prejudice to the cases referred to in Article 23 below, the Consumer User has the right to withdraw from the Contract, without indicating the reasons, within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day on which the Consumer User or a third party purchases paid Services through the Platform.
  2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer User is required to inform Planning at one of the following addresses: Planning Events S.r.l, Via Guelfa 9, 40138, Bologna, Italy, PEC:, e-mail:
  3. The Consumer User must communicate his decision to withdraw from the Contract with an explicit declaration, by sending notice to the contact details referred to in the previous paragraph. To this end, the User may use the form attached therein (click here), but without being obliged to do so.
  4. Pursuant to art. 54, paragraph 4, of the Consumer Code, the burden of proof relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal lies with the Consumer; therefore, it is advisable that this communication be sent to Planning using a suitable tool to demonstrate with certainty the shipment and receipt of the communication by Planning.


Art. 22 – Effects of withdrawal

  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of art. 20 for the hypothesis of cancellation from the Event, if the Consumer User withdraws within the terms indicated in the previous art. 21 from the Contract, he will be reimbursed for any payments made, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which Planning was informed of the decision to withdraw from the Contract.
  2. These refunds will be made using the same payment method used by the Consumer User for the initial transaction; in any case, the User will not have to incur any costs as a result of this reimbursement.
  3. From the date of receipt of the communication referred to in the preceding article and provided that the Consumer User has not in the meantime benefited, even partially, of the paid Services purchased, Planning will cease the provision of the paid Services towards the Consumer User.


Art. 23 – Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

  1. The Consumer User acknowledges that, in compliance with art. 59, letter (a), of the Consumer Code, with reference to the Services purchased through the Platform, he/she cannot exercise the right of withdrawal after their complete performance if this began with his/her express agreement.


Art. 24 – Limitation of liability

  1. Planning disclaims any liability for delays, malfunctions and interruptions in access to the Site and the provision of services through the Site that are caused by force majeure, tampering, intervention or misuse of the same made by the User or third parties not authorized by Planning and also assumes no liability for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, arising to the user for disservices or malfunctions related to the use of the telephone network and / or the Internet, which prevent, in any way, the proper usability of the Site, being such impediments beyond the control of Planning.
  2. Planning is liable only for damages or failures arising from fraud or gross negligence, no liability is configured in the same for slight negligence.
  3. The User assumes any responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, completeness, ownership and legitimacy of any goods and/or services and/or materials and/or information and/or documents transmitted and/or communicated through the Site to Planning for the use of the Site and for the registration to the Event and, in relation to them, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Planning from any claim and/or action, expense, damage and/or burden, even if advanced by third parties.


Art. 25 – Cancellation of the Event and causes of termination

  1. Planning reserves the right, at its sole discretion, without refund of any amount paid and without prejudice to any greater damage suffered, to cancel the registration and/or to exclude a Delegate in case of conduct and/or violations of the Contract that may affect the image and/or the regular running of the Festival and/or the regular participation of the Choirs and/or in case of conduct conflicting with the founding principles of the Event itself, such as, but not limited to, conduct detrimental to the freedoms of others, acts and/or content that are homophobic, misogynistic, racist, abusive and/or characterized by any other form of offense to persons, associations or groups.
  2. This Contract may also be terminated by Planning for supervening impossibility of performance not attributable to Planning itself and determines the final cancellation of the Event, or in the event that Planning finds anomalies in the information and data provided by the User and / or the use that the User makes of the Site such as not to allow it to fulfil its performance, as well as in case of serious default and / or gross violation by the User of the provisions of these Terms of Use and / or any of the obligations of the User arising from this Contract, without prejudice to any greater damages suffered.


Art. 26 – Covid-19 emergency status

  1. The User acknowledges that, in the event of force majeure and by order of the authority, the dates and / or methods of carrying out the Event and / or the requirements to participate in shows and / or access certain places may be subject to not predictable change. Therefore, the User acknowledges and accepts that the actual performe of the Event may be subject to limitations and restrictions independent of the will of Planning and the Promoter, following restrictive measures by the authority.


Art. 27 – Assignment of the Contract

  1. The User may not under any circumstances transfer this Agreement or the rights and/or obligations arising from it to third parties.
  2. It is also strictly forbidden to resell for commercial purposes, even in a non-business form, the Event participation titles purchased through the Platform.


Art. 28 – Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All trademarks, as well as any work of genius, distinctive sign or name, image, photograph, written or graphic text and, more generally, any other intangible asset protected by laws and international conventions on intellectual and industrial property reproduced on the Site remain the exclusive property of Planning and/or its licensors, without the User having any right to them as a result of accessing the Site and/or using the services. Any use, total and/or partial, of the trademarks and intellectual property referred to in the preceding paragraph is prohibited without the prior written permission of Aulos APS, in favour of which, exclusively and in principle, are reserved.


Art. 29 – Confidentiality obligations

  1. The Site, as well as information relating to these Terms of Use, know-how and/or industrial property rights of which Planning is the owner and of which the User may become aware in the execution of this Agreement, shall be considered as confidential information and not usable, either directly or indirectly, by the User, except to the extent strictly necessary for the proper use of the Site and the services available therein, and shall not be disclosed to third parties.


Art. 30 – Processing of personal data

  1. Planning is committed to compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data. The information on the processing of personal data is available at this link and can be viewed and stored at any time before the conclusion of the Contract.
  2. Planning is committed to working diligently and professionally to ensure the security of Users’ personal data. To this end, Planning informs you that the data stored through the Site may be subject to periodic back-ups (if any). These back-ups will be used exclusively for disaster recovery purposes at the level of the entire Site and it will not be possible to access portions of them.


Art. 31 – Electronic Register of Operation

  1. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Site provides for the existence and constant updating of an Electronic Log of operation (c.d. “Log”), which has the character of absolute confidentiality; its content may be shown only by order or request of the competent authorities


Art. 32 – Hyperlinks to external sites

  1. The User acknowledge that Planning does not exercise any control and / or monitoring of sites outside the Platform (for example, sites related to social networks) to which the user can be directed through links banners or other hypertext links that may be on the site, and that, therefore, Planning can not in any way be held responsible for the content on those sites and / or failure of the same or for any errors and / or omissions and / or violations of law by the same.


Art. 33 – Complaints and assistance

  1. The User may contact Planning to request assistance in using the Site and the services, as well as make any complaints or report any problems encountered on the Site via the e-mail address:
  2. Requests and complaints sent through the Site will be processed by Planning in the shortest time possible, the user will receive a response within 2 working days from the report.


Art. 34 – Reporting Abuse

  1. Users may report any content and/or use of the Site deemed illegal, inappropriate, offensive or otherwise in violation of these Terms of Use using the support service as indicated in the preceding article or the contacts indicated on the Site.


Art. 35 – Contractual Modifications

  1. Planning may modify, at any time and without notice, the content of these Terms of Use and any changes made will be effective from the date of publication on the Site, as stated in the header of the Terms of Use.
  2. In case of amendments, unless otherwise provided by Planning, the Terms of Use in force at the time of the conclusion of the Contract shall remain valid for the Contracts already concluded.


Art. 36 – Applicable law and competent court

  1. The relationships arising from the Contract are governed by Italian law.
  2. For any dispute that may arise regarding the application, interpretation and execution of the Contract, the Court of Bologna will have exclusive jurisdiction; for Consumer Users, the court of the Consumer’s place of residence will be competent, in compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Code.
  3. Planning and the Promoter inform the Consumer User, pursuant to art. 141-sexies, third paragraph, of the Consumer Code, that if it is not possible to resolve a dispute between them following a complaint presented directly by the User, Planning will inform him about the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies, competent to resolve such disputes out of court, specifying whether or not it intends to make use of the aforementioned bodies to resolve the dispute itself.
  4. Planning and the Promoter inform the Consumer User that, pursuant to Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013, a European ODR platform (so-called ODR platform) was established, to facilitate the out-of-court resolution of disputes, arising between consumers and professionals, concerning contractual obligations deriving from sales contracts or online services between a consumer resident in the Union and a professional established in the Union. This ODR platform, which the User can use to resolve any disputes that may arise with Planning, can be consulted at the internet address
  5. Regardless of the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure of any dispute established, the right of the Consumer User to refer to the Judicial Authority of his place of residence or domicile remains in any case.
  6. Disputes with Users residing outside the Italian territory are devolved to the jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna, Italy, as a court conventionally provided for the application and interpretation of these Terms of Use.
  7. It is understood that for disputes related to the performance of the Event, the User can directly contact the Promoter and act against it, through the contacts listed on the site


Pursuant to Articles. 1341 and 1342 c.c., the provisions contained in the following articles are expressly approved: Art. 3. (Rules for using the Site); Art. 5. (Suspension of services through the Site); Art. 6. (Exemption from liability for content posted by the User on the Site); Art. 7. (Conditions of use of the Site); Art. 10. (Registration for the Event through the Site); Art. 13. (Payment); Art. 14. (Payment of the registration fee and invoicing); Art. 16. (Participation in the Event); Art. 17. (Additional services bookable on request); Art. 18. (Release for use of images of the Delegate); Art. 19. (Guarantees on the contents used for the Festival); Art. 20. (Cancellation of registration); Art. 23. (Exclusion of the right of withdrawal); Art. 24. (Limitation of liability); Art. 25. (Cancellation of the Event and causes for resolution); Art. 26. (Covid-19 emergency); Art. 27 (Transfer of the Contract); Art. 31. (Electronic operating register); Art. 32. (Hypertext links to external sites); Art. 35. (Contractual changes); Art. 36. (Applicable law and competent court).