Various Voices is the most important LGBTQ+ choir festival in Europe, the 2023 edition is organized by the social promotion association Aulos, in collaboration with Komos APS and on behalf of Legato Choirs (European Association of LGBTQ+ choirs).

14-18 June 2023

A celebration of LGBTQ+ choirs and musicians from Europe and all over the world, singing and performing in the beautiful ancient Bologna, UNESCO City of Music.

Join us with the hashtag #ISingWhatIAm

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Piazza Maggiore
Piazza Maggiore
Arena del Sole
Arena del Sole
Via Piella, finestrella
Via Piella, finestrella
Via Castiglione
Via Castiglione
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The 2023 edition is the first-ever Italian Various Voices that will attract more than 5000 singers, musicians and fans in five glorious warm summer days and balmy evenings of superb singing, entertainment and a totally fun experience.

The gates of Bologna open to music that will let participants discover a city which surprises and captivates through the colours and lights of pride.



Just outside Porta Sant’Isaia and Porta Saragozza, on the gentle slopes of the hills, grapes ripen to become delicious wine. Purple is also the colour of the clergy, which has marked the city’s history with churches and masterpieces like the portico of San Luca, the longest in the world.



Porta Maggiore and Porta San Vitale introduce us to the streets with the typical houses and their classic “Bolognese red”, the colour of the arcades, which are space for bizarre stories and mysterious legends, and host the “rezdore”, the fairies of Bolognese sauce.



The city gates that “wear” the students’ jeans are Porta San Donato, Porta Mascarella and Porta Galliera, the vibrant university headquarter. Nearby, there is a modern bridge where graffiti artists can express themselves.


Deep Blue

Like the water flowing through the hidden canals of the city: Porta Lame and Porta San Felice are close to Bologna’s old harbour and the Cassero LGBT* center. Blue has also been associated with aristocracy, with their perfectly preserved buildings and towers, typical of our city’s skyline.



Porta Santo Stefano, Porta Castiglione and Porta San Mamolo open up to our little “Black Forest”: through the Margherita Gardens we can access the large metropolitan parks surrounding Bologna and enjoy the most beautiful panoramas of the city and the surrounding hills.


The organization team for the Bologna edition of Various Voices
is led by Komos, the LGBT Choir of Bologna.


Under the patronage of



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