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Do you want to organize the European LGBTQI + choir festival for the first time in Italy?

Do you want to make your communication, organizational and public relationship skills available?

Do you want to be part of an outgoing and fun work group?


This is the commitment for you!


We are the organizing committee of the Various Voices Bologna 2023 Festival and we are excited to host a hundred choirs and more than 3.500 choristers, from all over the world, for the first time in Italy.

For this we need hundreds of voluntary energies that can support us in some specific roles.

For all roles the following are necessary: willingness to work in a group and independently, language skills in Italian and English, knowledge of the city of Bologna, reliability, flexible hours, aptitude for public relations, creativity.

We welcome: language skills in other languages, previous experience in similar fields, experience in human rights activism, LGBTQI + activism, volunteering in the arts or culture.

In general all the volunteers will be joining existing working groups and supporting planned activities:it is an fantastic opportunity to meet new people and contribute to the success of a great event.

The figures we are looking for are related to:

▶︎ choir support → this role is named Choir Buddy and this person will support a specific choir in order to make their stay in Bologna safe and fun. After that the Choir Buddy should support the choir to be on time at their performances in theater and/or in other locations as planned. For this role any other language than English is welcome in order to support the choirs in their own languages: french, spanish, german, polish, finnish, ukrainian, dutch, danish, portuguese, czech, estonian, icelandic, are the languages spoken by the delegates!


▶︎ organizational / logistical support → in this role volunteers will be supporting the performances of the choirs. Just to name a few of activities: time keeping of the performances, managing technical needs and stage arrangements, supporting the locations setting, etc.


▶︎ public relationship support → in this role, that can be named Receptionist, the volunteers will take care of the audience in the performances locations, will support the check in process of the choirs and be available for information about the city and the program, just to name a few. 


▶︎ communication support →  in this role we are looking for people in the management of social networks, in writing of contents, in photos and videos production, etc …

If it sounds great to you just fill out the form with your data and select the time slots you are available during the days of the festival: there are different slots per day so that everyone can tell when they can be volunteering. As you can imagine, we highly encourage everyone to put as many possibilities as possible BUT never forget to take a break and have a rest: nobody can be at the festival 24/7! 

Closer to the festival we’ll organize volunteers in locations, activities, shifts and then we’ll confirm all the shifts for everyone. 


Click here to fill out the form and join the group! Organize with us Various Voices 2023!