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Who is this event for?

Various Voices is Europe’s most important LGBTQ+ choir festival.

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How much does it cost?

It depends on the choir size and on the date of registration.

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What does the fee include?

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What are the deadlines?

Choir registrations to Various Voices 2023 is now closed.

Performing delegates (singers, musicians, directors, choir leaders) can register until February 28th, 2023.

Non-performing delegates can register until May 14th, 2023.

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What do I have to do to register?

At the first access on the platform, you will have to register as Choir Leader by entering Name and Surname, an email address and a password. You will then receive an email with the link to confirm your registration. By clicking on the link, you will return to the registration platform to log in.

How can I participate?

If you want to participate as a non-performing delegate, it is not necessary to be part of a choir and you can register for the festival until May 14th, 2023.

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Who are the Delegates?

Delegates are all the people who register to participate in the festival: choir members, directors, musicians, dancers, performers and also partners and friends in tow that want to access all the performances of the Festival.


Delegate registration

Each delegate accesses the specific platform. The first choice is to choose which category you belong to, among:

  2. NON-SINGER (partners and supporters accompanying a choir, but also people who wants to attend the Festival without accompanying any choir)

Then, a drop-down field will appear below with the whole list of registered choirs. Obviously if you are a member of a choir you choose its name, if you are not with a choir you will choose “NONE” from the list.

After choosing your choir a new field will appear below, it is the Choir ID: a 3 or 4 digit numeric code that delegates must ask their Choir Leader. Without entering this code, the registration cannot be completed.

Once you have completed this step, all the personal data fields will appear below, these data will be used by Planning to issue the invoice.

Please be careful when entering your email address, since this address will receive your registration confirmation and other communications about the Festival. It is fundamental not to use the same email address for more than once: an email address must match only one delegate.

In addition to your personal data, there will be a section dedicated to special needs, relating to any disabilities and dietary needs.

Once everything is done, you can continue with the payment: a new page will indicate the due amount (with the specifications if you access the Support Program), confirming it will take you to the online payment service by credit card or PayPal.

After the payment, you will receive a confirmation email.


I registered as Choir Director, what should I do now?

After the login, you will be able to register the choir by entering the necessary information.

News and information for Choir Leaders

  • You can find the Choir ID in the “Edit info” section, which can be found in the left menu of the reserved area of your choir on the platform app.various-voices.it
  • In the same left menu, there is the “Members” section, where you can find the list of registered delegates. This section is important for a Choir Leader because you can verify that delegates register correctly (and the correct choice singer or non-singer), but also that someone from another choir does not register by mistake. If you notice any anomalies, the Choir Leader can report it by writing to registration@various-voices.it
  • The Choir Leaders will automatically receive an email notification every time a delegate joins their choir. You can always disable this function from the “Members” page by deselecting the flag above the list of delegates.
  • We remind the Choir Leaders that on the “MEDIA & COMMS” page you can already enter all the social profiles of your choir, 4 online video links (from youtube, vimeo or other services) and two description fields on the choir’s history and activity. This information is necessary for our communication team to create pages dedicated to individual choirs within the Festival website in the coming months, as well as other communication material.

Do Choir Directors and musicians have to pay the delegate fee?


I am not a member of Legato or Gala, can I partecipate?

No, but you can join one of the two associations even after registering for the Festival. When the organizers receive confirmation from Legato or Gala, the registration to Various Voices will be officially validated.

If the choir fee has also been paid, from that moment it will be possible to access all areas of the platform to upload information on the choir and on the performances.

Is it possible to participate in the festival as a delegate without belonging to any choir?

Yes, it is possible to do so and it gives the possibility of access for 5 days to all the places of the festival reserved for delegates: theaters and the Various Voices Village.

If I perform at the Festival with two choirs, do I have to make two registrations?

No, the registration is just one and you will pay only one fee.
To communicate this to us, you need to complete your registration by joining a choir. Once you have paid the fee and completed the process, you have to send an email to registration@various-voices.it telling us your name and with which other choir you will perform at the Festival.

My registration has not yet been validated, why?

You can check the status of your membership by logging into the platform.

We remind you that to confirm the registration we must have received the payment (or the indication that your choir can access the support program) and have the confirmation that your choir is registered in Legato or Gala.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

The document accepted at the beginning of the registration process can be found at this link https://various-voices.it/terms-and-conditions/

What is the festival program?

5 days of music, events, gala nights, shows and much more… click here to know more.

Which are the location of the event?

Piazza Maggiore, Teatro Auditorium Manzoni, Arena del Sole, Teatro Duse, and Oratorio di San Filippo Neri. MAMbo – Modern Art Museum of Bologna, Bologna’s international music museum and library, and VV Village at DumBO.

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When do I have to arrive and depart from Bologna?

The festival starts on June 14, 2023 and ends on June 18, 2023, as indicated on the website’s homepage and specified on the online program. Each delegate can leave and arrive in Bologna when they think best in agreement, if they are part of it, with their own chorus regarding choral performances.

Will there be rehearsal rooms?


How can a choir take part in the VV Italy Tour?

By choir registration for VV there will be boxes to tick whether a choir would like to take part in the Italy tour and which city is preferred. Besides this the choirs can choose (with registration) if they would like to perform in the Museum of Modern Art or in the city centre of Bologna during the festival – besides the concert in one of the theatres.

Is the festival accessible?

Yes! All festival venues have easy access for disabled people. Bologna City Council has been working in the last years in order to improve accessibility on the whole territory and on public transportation.

Which films will be shown on Piazza Maggiore during the festival?

All information will be shared nearer the time.

VV Bologna is working together with Cineteca and currently selecting the pieces. Choirs will have the opportunity to perform the soundtrack to the films together with a Festival Orchestra.