Choir registration and administration

The LEGATO or GALA membership is mandatory to join the festival as a participating choir.

  • Registration is a two-steps process: first the choir must register and then, in the second phase, all delegates (choir members, directors, musicians, accompanying persons) must be registered.
  • Choirs in the support program must register as well through the dedicated platform.
  • A person willing to attend the festival without being part of a choir can register as a delegate: this will garantee access to all concerts and facilities of the event.
Please note that choirs registration is now closed.

Choir registration includes:

  • a 30-minutes performance for the participating ensembles in one of the venue of the Festival (including stage preparation, standard equipment, event logistics, insurance and registration with SIAE, the italian performing rights royalty collection society);
  • the possibility of an open-air performance during VV and the City in selected outdoor sites of Bologna’s city-centre (intimate squares, UNESCO’s porticoes, cozy medieval streets, and many more) to bring the Festival spirit to the heart of the city;
  • the chance to perform at sunsets and evenings in the Various Voices Village at DumBO, headquarters of the Festival, where different locations are available (from the Binario Centrale for large choirs to the Baia for smaller ensembles);
  • the possibility to perform at two museums (MAMbo – Modern Art Museum of Bologna; Bologna’s international music museum) establishing a dialogue between the performed music and the art collections of the venues;
  • the possibility to access to VV Italy Tour, the “prequel” of the Festival taking place the 12th and the 13th of June in several cities in Italy (Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Perugia, Bergamo, Padua).


For performances at VVVillage, the museums and for the participation to the VV Italy Tour the available spots are limited and depending on the size of the choirs. The organizing team will do their best to accomodate as much requests as possible. If requests exceed availability, a waiting list will be set up and a direct communication to the choirs will follow.



Delegates registration

Please note: delegates are choir members, directors, musicians, and accompanying persons.

Choir leaders are also required to register as delegates.

Delegates registrations to the festival will open on May 11th, 2022, and close on May 14th, 2023, as shown in the table below:



11/05/2022 – 30/09/2022



01/10/2022 – 31/01/2023



(for performing delegates)

01/02/2023 – 28/02/2023



(for non-performing delegates) 

01/02/2023 – 14/05/2023 



Due to organizational needs, the individual registration for performing delegates (singers, musicians, directors, choir leaders) will close on the 28th February 2023. Nonetheless, non-performing delegates can register until mid May 2023.

Delegate Fee includes:

  • participation pass for all five days of the event from the 14th to the 18th of June 2023;
  • admission to all festival concerts and events (subject to availability of seats, for some events prior notification may be necessary);
  • Delegate Kit;
  • free entry to the Various Voices Village for all 5 days of Festival;
  • Bologna Welcome Card (discount card for stores, restaurants, museum, etc);
  • mobility assistance.

Support program

To encourage the participation of the largest number of choirs, the organizing committee, on the express indication of LEGATO, has provided a support program for choirs from low-income countries, specifically there three levels of support. (Please note that registration is required for every choir, even if no fee is due.)

  1. TOTAL SUPPORT (Ukraine, Turkey):
    • No choir fee will be required to participate in the festival
    • No delegate fee will be required to participate in the festival
  2. MEDIUM SUPPORT (Poland, Croatia, Czech Rep., Estonia):
    • No choir fee will be required to participate in the festival
    • Delegate fee set at €60
  3. LIGHT SUPPORT (Spain, Portugal):
    • No choir fee will be required to participate in the festival
    • Delegate fee set at €150