Gay Abandon

Gay Abandon is West Yorkshire’s LGBT+ choir based in Leeds. We are a community choir and come from a wide range of musical backgrounds and levels of experience. We sing all kinds of music including pop, folk and show tunes. The choir provides a friendly, safe space for LGBT+ singers from all walks of life to have fun in a friendly atmosphere, with the joy of singing being what holds us together in common.

Gay Abandon was set up by Jane Edwardson in 1997, who we are very proud to have had as our musical leader for the 25 years of the choir’s existence. We have a regular membership of between 50 – 60 singers, and perform a sell out annual concert at the Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire). We are very excited to be celebrating our 25 year anniversary in 2023 with a special sparkling silver concert and the trip to Various Voices. The theme of our performances in 2023 will be “Gay Abandon’s Greatest Hits” with choir performing favourite songs which we have loved singing over the last 25 years. Many of these pieces have been skilfully arranged for Gay Abandon by Jane Edwardson.

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