“Minne“ is a medieval German expression for “loving remembrance”. It comes in many shapes and sizes. High “Minne“ strives for spiritual purification, low “Minne“ for worldly fulfilment. The 40 singers of MÄNNER-MINNE, Berlin’s oldest and biggest gay choir in Berlin, have been moving around in this emotional universe since its founding in 1987.

The Minne men’s musical work explores many styles and eras, supported by flamboyant choreographies. The paths and perils of gay life in its many guises are explored extensively. There are no taboos, we have bravely tackled sensitive issues like Christmas, the Wild West, biblical mythology, the universe of Brother Grimm’s fairy tales or the cult of divas. We are particularly fond of little subversive pieces, with music and lyrics by Friedrich Hollaender, Bruno Balz or Cole Porter, to name just a few.

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