Various voices are magic days, which are more than a singing festival. For us, those days are filled with a feeling of being among people who are just like us, to be in the community where we belong. Nowadays, this moment is especially precious. Our country faces a devastating war against people who are hateful towards values Various Voices promote. Thus, our voices here will speak on behalf of LGBTQI+ fighters who protect our country, values, and freedom. As never before, we are happy to be in Bologna to express our gratitude to the people who support us during this challenging time. We want to contribute with our voices to building a new future: free and kind, where LGBTQI + people have their important place.

The Queer-essence choir was founded in 2019 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and is not just a choir, but a family where you can be yourself and be accepted as you are. We share with each other many fun and warm rehearsals and many inspiring performances. We are different, but we are united by our love of music and our willingness to fight for our rights.