The QuerChorallen, Berlin are a gay lesbian a capella choir with around 50 singers. Whether Orlando di Lasso or Mikis Theodorakis, Fanny Hensel or Sinéad O’Connor, Abba or Rammstein, folkloristic or contemporary music – we love to sing from the heart. Most of the time we sing in four voices, sometimes in eight, from the capital D to the two-stroked G, in German, English, Roman, Slavic and other languages. We sing about spring, about the aurora borealis, about music and silence, with love. We sing with great passion.

The choir was founded in 2005 by Nives Brzič. For many years Kristina Hays took care of our musical development, since 2017 in a leadership tandem. Jaret Choolun has been with us since 2019, and Andrea Eckhardt since 2022, after we said goodbye to Kristina with a heavy heart for family reasons. She also continues to provide us with practice recordings across the Atlantic Ocean.

Various Voices in 2014 in Dublin and 2018 in Munich, Nordakkord – which is a festival for northern german choirs – in 2015 in Leipzig, in 2017 in Cologne, in 2019 in Berlin and in 2022 in Bremen, – we enthusiastically participate in choir festivals and projects of the queer choir scene. A special highlight was our anniversary concert in 2016, for the 10th anniversary of QuerChorallen.

The Various Voices festival means to us a political statement for queer rights, an international stage for queer choir culture and visibility, a wonderful opportunity to meet friendly people from many countries… and – of course – having much fun together!

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