Schwullesbischer Chor Köln

The “Gay and Lesbian Choir Cologne” was founded in 2010. The people of Cologne have a saying that could be translated to “Every nut is different” – thus our city is a perfect place for LGBTQ people. Musical improvisation gives us freedom and empowers us creatively. We need no conductor, no sheet music and no classifications like ‘bass’ or ‘soprano’, we sing whatever our ears and hearts tell us to sing.

We just recently celebrated our 12-year jubilee and held a concert with about 150 singers at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (musical university of cologne). There was a children’s choir, many choirs from the LGBTQ-scene in Cologne and the marvelous orchestra ‘Rainbow Symphony Cologne’.

At the moment we are very few singers and hope to increase our merry numbers in 2023! We love to sing for small and big audiences in and around Cologne. Still, for our political work, it’s even more essential to perform in small villages in the countryside, together with local choirs and associations. When reporters ask, why the world needs a queer choir, we often say: union choirs sing for the political fight, church choirs sing for the praise of God and we sing for love and friendship!

We are happily looking forward singing for and listening to so many community-choirs! For us VV is a platform for communication. As we do lots of musical experiments and play with improvisation, we are very fascinated to meet completely different people from different countries with various backgrounds concerning singing, living and loving!

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