Threee Of A Kind

If there are THREE baritones from TWO countries with ONE hobby, a cappella, and if you add a preference for a wild mixture of diverse songs, you can be sure: the result is not The Jackson Five but three Jacks of Hearts – or, as you say in poker, Threee of a Kind.

“Threee Of A Kind” – in their current incarnation – may be a fairly new ensemble. The lads, however, have known each other for quite some time now.
That is because they were members of two friendly choirs that enjoyed performing together:
Willem used to be a member of Mannenkoorts from The Hague (Netherlands), Mirko was a member of Homophon before he went out into the world for a while and Benno used to be the director of Homophon.

Around the time Willem moved from The Hague to Enschede and Mirko back to his hometown Münster, the idea was born to sing together as “Threee Of A Kind” – not least to continue participating in choir festivals such as “Various voices”.
Due to the physical distance between Münster and Enschede, but the pandemic too, the three lads usually rehearse over the internet.
IRL rehearsals in Enschede or Münster now and then are a lot more fun though.

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