Voces Gaudii

Voces Gaudii is the first LGBT+friends choir in Poland, founded in 2014 by Misza Czerniak. Since then, VG has performed in multiple cities in Poland, as well as in Germany and Czechia. Currently, it lists almost 60 singers and performs mostly pop and rock pieces in 4-8-parts arrangements, every once in a while adding some classical or folk songs. The choir is an activist group using music to advocate for change and to build bridges in Polish society.

Various Voices is a unique opportunity for us to meet OUR community – queer singing people of Europe and beyond. We live in a rather hostile context where being an LGBT+ person is more of a challenge than we’d like it to be. So by coming to Various Voices we can recharge our batteries, spend time with like-minded persons, show what we’ve achieved lately, establish new choral cooperation contacts, and just have fun, enjoying the hospitality of the hosts and their wonderful culture.

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