Cantatori del Duomo

Founded november 1990, we are a gay choir that proudly and passionately sings about all the beautiful and sometimes difficult sides of life. Cantatori del Duomo presents a colourful repertoire of pop, musical, cabaret and (Dutch) folk songs. All songs are especially arranged for our four-voiced choir and dressed with subtle choreography and sometimes surprising changes.

We are known for our ‘diners chantant’, where we act as waiters in a fancy restaurant and intimate atmosphere and sing in the breaks between starter, main course and desert. Also we organize one big concert a year (sometimes with another choir or group) and participate in the Utrecht Canal Pride.

For 18 years Loes Egbers was our conductor, with her wife and 2 friends as our beloved groopies. Now as Honory Member, the friendship will last! Just before, our pianist Thanos Fotiadis left. However, we are alive an kicking with Hans van Breugel as new conductor and Alex Seremetakis as our pianist. Welcome!

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