Die WEIBrations

The name WEIBrations pronounced “Vibrations” is a wordplay with “Weib” being an old word for woman. The choir was started in 1994 a handful of lesbians, who practiced in their conductor’s sitting room. One year later, they made their debut on the stage in a lesbian bar singing their entire repertoire – three songs! Since then they have made a name for themselves in the lesbian choir scene also learned a few more songs…

The singers put the whole spectrum of lesbian life to stage and have no scruples in “torturing” well-known pop songs, oldies or German folk music. Their lyrics speak of desire and love, unsuccessful flirts ans lesbian life in Karlsruhe.

Since 2002 the conductor is Eva Hilfinger, who is working on her singer’s technique to create the clear and very special “WEIBrations sound”.

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