Homonics are a trio of gay male singers formed in 2015. The three guys met and sang for many years in Glória, Dublin‘s LGBT+ Choir. They have been spreading the love ever since their first performance at Hand in Hand LGBT Choral Festival in Brighton, performing in Ireland, London, Bologna, Manchester, Washington DC, Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado, Munich, Paris, Hamburg, and Cardiff, to name a few. The trio share a love of music and craic, and perform a broad range of music, from class to sass!

In 2015 Ireland voted to extend marriage to same sex couples and some months later we three were attending the UK & Ireland Hand in Hand Festival in Brighton some months after the referendum. As the only Irish contingent attending the festival we three were asked if we would sing a song to mark the passing of the referendum in Ireland, so we were delighted to take to the stage that evening and we three performed for the very first time. We are still proud of the fact that our first performance was on the same stage where ABBA won the Eurovision with Waterloo!

Since that time we three now live in 3 different countries but thankfully above all else we are friends and our music will always take a place in our friendship and lives. We have had some amazing trips over the years and have made many friends!!! We have been fortunate to have performed here in Bologna also in the past. We were here as a guest of Komos and performed in the Palazzo d’accursio along with our friends Barberfellas in April 2017. We are delighted to return to beautiful Bologna.