Anyone who has seen the Philhomoniker live knows that there is something for the eyes and ears here: sometimes serious, sometimes lively, but mostly with a good sense of humour and an ironic wink. We have been on stage since 1990! True to the motto “movement keeps you young”, we have changed again and again during this time. From travesty, fumbling and the menopause of an empress, we have developed into a choir that serves various genres.

For the Philhomoniker, the festival is a fixed part of its calendar: since the 1993 festival in Zurich, they have always been part of it. And they are proud to have hosted the festival twice: in 1997 and 2018. The festival is a great sign for them to experience the solidarity and strength of the LGBTQ+ choral community and to present it to the public: we are strong and have fun doing it.

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