Queer Qhoir Qopenhagen

Queer Qhoir Qopenhagen was formed in 2020, as a mixed gender choir, today counting 26 singers.
Our repertoire lies primarily within pop and show tunes as well as national folk songs – with queer or non-queer themes.
We are an integral part of the Danish LGBTQ+ community. Since our first concert with a live audience in summer 2022, we have given more than 10 rainbow concerts, spanning Copenhagen Pride, World Aids Day and The Danish Rainbow Awards.

Various Voices is a unique possibility to experience a greater part of the global queer community represented through song and music.
We are looking forward to performing for an international audience as well as experiencing the performances of other LGBTQ+ choirs and listening to their stories as told through their songs.
The strength of the Various Voices festival is the immense diversity of the participating choirs that gives us inspiration to help shape our own identity as LGBTQ+ persons and tell our own stories.