Krakofonia is an amateur choir from Kraków, created in 2014 as the second LGBTQ+ and allies choir in Poland. As a curiosity, the choir started being a group of maximum fifteen or twenty people. After some years, our number has grown so much as to surpass currently 50 members! Krakofonia gives us an opportunity to be ourselves, develop our singing skills and work together with all our heart and energy for the audience! It is also a point of encounter where no one is judged by who they want to be. Throughout the years, we have had singers from countries such as Ukraine, Spain, Korea, Armenia… Also. We act as a point of contact for foreign journalists or students that are researching about the LGBTQ+ community in Poland.

The choir mascot is our baby seal. It all originated when we included in our repertoire the “The Seal Lullaby” song by Eric Whitacre. Coincidentally, the pencil case used during rehearsals for keeping pens and markers has the shape of a seal. She patiently listened to us during our rehearsals and acted as the source of inspiration to express the calming emotions provided by the song. Additionally, on one of our rehearsal there was a question about how baby seals are called in Spanish (foquitas). Since then, we adopted the nickname for us as choristers.

We performed in a few cities of Poland as well as Berlin. Our repertoire varies in style and languages, from more traditional pieces, Polish songs to the latest hits of pop and musicals! Considering that Poland has both a fresh and pleasant summer and a cold but charming winter, our choir likes to organize winter concerts with a focus on winter songs (Polish and international). Initially, the choir used to perform songs in different styles or languages (e.g. Ukrainian, Armenian, Spanish, French), showing musical pieces from different parts of the world. Recently we started the preparation of our first full repertoire in Polish, that we performed for the Polish National Independence Day in November 2021, giving a chance for our Polish audience to listen to the songs that marked their childhood or relevant moments in their lives. Bologna is our second time attending Various Voices, after our debut in Munich for the past edition. For this edition, our repertoire will be based on songs coming from popular musicals and films. To hear more about those, we welcome you to appreciate them on stage very soon in Bologna!

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