Miss Klang

The Women’s Choir Miss Klang (queer, straight, trans, in between) was founded in 1991 under the direction of Ulrike Lachmann, who is still our choir director. Our repertoire ranges from pop to jazz and classical music. We sing 3-4 voices à cappella and with piano accompaniment. Our concerts each have a special theme, with the song selection and schedule organized by the choir’s preparation group.
In the preparation and execution of the concerts we are accompanied by our pianist Eva Pankoke.

We were supervised by our choreographer Claudia Steen, who passed away in November 2022, which is a great loss for us. We are currently looking for someone to follow in her footsteps.

Miss Klang regularly participates in international and regional queer choral events. We support AIDS Chaplaincy concerts of Hamburg’s queer scene on request and perform for the benefit of individual projects like Queer Refugees or the CSD.

We share at least one passion: singing. Our community also includes friendship, support and inspirations in all aspects of life. We love being on stage together and celebrating.

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