Musica lesbiana

Musica Lesbiana – the choir of songful and vocal women* of different age, all attracted to women. Since 1998, the choir has been inspiring the audience full of verve, fun and desire to sing with their mostly own and unchanged romantic, whimsical, enigmatic, political, humorous… lyrics to popular music of different styles and times. The inimitable stage presence of the women from Stuttgart is captivating, makes you think, sometimes makes you cry and always makes you laugh.

Inspired by Various Voices 1997 in Munich, the choir was founded by a lesbian teacher in 1998. So this year the choir turns 25. From the beginning, the rehearsals have taken place at Weissenburg e.V. – the centre for queer people in and around Stuttgart. Through our performances we make queer life visible. 
The first time, we were part of Various Voices, was 2001 in Berlin, then in Paris and in 2018 in Munich. In addition, we regularly participate in the South German gay and lesbian (now: queer) choir festivals in changing cities, and in 2000 and 2008 we organized the festival itself with the gay choir Rosa Note in Stuttgart.
Since our founding, we have had a total of 90 performances at home and abroad.

A personal story: the first performance of one of us at a Various Voices event was in Berlin in 2001 with a very young and inexperienced choir. We started our performance with a song that 2 other choirs had already performed immediately before. All the choir singers were quite unsettled by this – but the audience remained unimpressed to hear this song again and for the 3rd time in a row. They applauded just as frenetically as they did to our subsequent songs – that’s the kind of audience you want!!!

From VV2023 we expect an immersion into queer life. Meeting many wonderful choirs, experiencing their ideas and their creativity. Meeting many familiar people and making new contacts. Experience plenty of sparkling music and magnificent palazzi; openness to our way of life and interest in our musical ambitions

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