Out ‘n loud

Helsinki Gay Men’s Chorus Out ‘n loud was founded in 2004 and it was Finland’s first LGBTQI+ choir. It is currently led by Aleksi Vasko and the chorus consists of around 30 male singers. Helsinki Gay Men’s Chorus Out ‘n loud performs music from classics to today’s hits as well as music specifically composed for Out ‘n loud, and not forgetting the Eurovision songs.

From the beginning Out ‘n loud has participated actively in national and international choir events. Kuorojen kierros (wander of choirs) is a popular yearly event where hundreds of choirs perform all around in Helsinki (e. g. in cafés and restaurants).

Out ‘n loud’s biggest audience was in Senate Square’s New Year’s Eve in 2011. In the square there were 50 000 people, and the show was broadcasted live on the national TV channel. Our first CD “Out ‘n loud” was published in 2014. Together with Helsinki Gay Theatre (HGT) Out ‘n loud performed their first musical ever “The Land of Midnight Fun” in 2016. Music was composed by members of the chorus and the theatre.

Out ‘n loud was founding together with Helsinki Lesbian Choir Kaupungin Naiset the first Nordic LGBTQI+ Choir Festival “Queertune” in 2017. The second Queertune was organised in Stockholm 2019.

…and still going on and strong!

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