Sing Out Bristol

We are very proud of the history of our choir, from the humble beginnings without a rehearsal venue, to today – 15 years later – where we have around 100 members. After our initial incarnation (the short-lived Bristol Gay Chorus) began and then disbanded back in 2007, a few determined singers started to meet in each other’s homes. By 2008 this small group had grown to the point where we needed a dedicated rehearsal space. Soon after, we adopted our Constitution, held our first Annual General Meeting, and the decision was made to call ourselves Sing Out Bristol.

In the subsequent 15 years, we have performed in virtually every venue the City of Bristol has to offer, as well as venues further afield, in places such as Devon, Brighton, London, Manchester, Cardiff, Dublin and Munich.

We have had the privilege of supporting and being supported by truly talented choirs and musicians: Pink Singers, South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus, Vibe Choir, Gurt Lush, The Great Sea Choir, Bristol MAN Chorus, The Chandeliers, The Airbus Choir and most recently we were honoured to host the debut performance of Bristol Gay Men’s Chorus.

We forgo auditions and welcome people from all levels of singing ability, with the firm belief that together we sound amazing! Much more than just a choir, we are a Charity, Community Group, Performance Group and Family. We very much look forward to ,meeting you all in Bologna.

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