The Good News FGC

We are about 40 women of different ages and musical abilities and we believe in choral singing as a powerful tool to encourage personal growth and comparison. Our collective also includes an all-female band comprising a pianist, a bassist, a guitarist and a drummer. The Good News FGC is a continuous work in progress, dedicated to our musical improvement and aimed at social changing.

We are also an Association of lesbian, heterosexual and bisexual women: we consider diversity a wealth and through choral singing we support the defense and promotion of human and civil rights. Since 2012 we have organized concerts and events related to important appointments, many of which were fundraising for social issues. We have organized music and reading shows in support of the fight against discrimination and violence against women.

Taking part in Various Voices 2023 in Bologna will be a very valuable experience from a musical point of view but it will also be a political statement to reaffirm the different identities who will be represented. Moreover, we will be able to witness performances by choirs from different parts of the world and we will be given the opportunity to experience very intense moments of sharing and exchange.