The Friends of Dorothy

The Friends of Dorothy is a queer a cappella group based in Helsinki, Finland, and consists of five singers. Through songs and music from marginalized groups and stories of discrimination, we create exciting performances. The group was established in 2018 and we have performed in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Norway.

Friends of Dorothy has a rule of dressing up to the teeth for gigs. Clothes and make-up should always be over the top, “lyrical punk”, we decided to call it. While singing together we stay in perfect tempo, we have very different personal rhythms. Before this years Pride-concert one of us decided his costume was terrible and went out shopping for shorts 45 minutes before the gig. To the credit of the rest of the band members they took it with perfect calm; “He’ll make it in the end, he always does…” He did. While shouting “I’ll never make it”, which he always does before he makes it.