Carmen Curlers

In 1991 Four gay men got the idea to establish a choir for gays and lesbians, and soon the first rehearsal could take place in the attic of the renowned Pan Gay Club in Copenhagen.

Since then, the choir have been through many changes, even crisis, but Carmen Curlers have always overcome it, because its existence is so important to many people. Among the many highlights of the past, besides the Various Voices festivals, is the participation in the opening of the first nursing home in Copenhagen for old LGBT+ persons, and the 25 years anniversary concert with a concluding song joined by about 100 previous members of the choir. In the past couple of years, the choir has been embracing the trend of the surrounding society, more diversity and acceptance of all sexual identities.

So today, although we are mainly for homosexuals, today we have opened up to others who feel comfortable with us.

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