Checcoro is an a cappella choir founded in 2010 and is the first LGBTQ+ choir in Milan consisting of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Our choir supports and promotes a culture of social and civil rights for all. Through the universal language of music, Checcoro aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues among as many people as possible, so that the idea of a multifaceted society is considered the basis for a collective growth.

Every year we take part in Cromatica, the Italian Festival of LGBTQ+ choirs, which certainly is a great opportunity for sharing important moments of growth. We took part in the festivals of Naples, Perugia and Rome.
Further highlights for Checcoro are the Christmas flash mobs that take place all over the city, including Christmas markets and schools, our partecipations at the inauguration of rainbow benches and the Transgender Day of Remembrance march, concerts at hospices, collaborations with other choirs and organisations of the city of Milan, such as the choir of the anti-fascist partisans and the LGBTQ+ sports associations, concerts at museums and theatres and recently at a city prison, which welcomed us for a concert.

Various Voices for Checcoro represents an important and unmissable stage to bring our message of inclusion and equality through music. We hope to share this memorable experience with other LGBTQ+ choirs from all over the world, to make ourselves known through our songs, and to entertain the audience with a rainbow whirlwind of music and with a celebration involving the whole community of Bologna.

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