Choir Plus Madrid (CHOIR+) breaks into the choral panorama of Madrid as a group of male voices, which through choral music seeks to promote inclusion and respect for diversity in an environment that fosters, not only the individual growth of its members, but also the commitment to teamwork from the taste for making music together. The repertoire is focused on pop music and has arrangements made especially for this group.

Choir Plus Madrid (CHOIR+) was founded almost 3 years ago to promote respect for sex & gender diversity through music.

Our logo and colors make a clear allusion to the LGBTQ+ acronym and flag. This is one of our purposes, but, besides singing and moving hearts with our songs, is something else we conduct various activities, ranging from team and individual work for our growth to building a sense of beloning, from participating in festivals and producing videos, and much more. In a nutshell:

We are not just a group of friends who came together to sing.

We’re not just an LGTBQ+ choir.

Furthermore, we are CHOIR+, and we are… “something else”.

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