The Waldschlösschen-Chor is an LGBT project choir that meets once a year at the Waldschlösschen, near Göttingen in Germany. Our singers come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. We sing an eclectic mix of music, from pop and Schlager, through Latin and jazz standards, to rounds and classical pieces, focusing on LGBT themes, composers, and authors. The makeup of the choir changes each year, depending on who signs up for the workshop, and new singers are always welcome.

The Waldschlösschen-Chor was founded in 2011 as an annual choir workshop at the Waldschlösschen Academy (Akademie Waldschlösschen), in the forests near Göttingen in the heart of Germany. The Waldschlösschen Academy stands for acceptance of sexual and gender diversity and supports visibility and participation through education and networking.

We started as an offshoot of a chamber music workshop at the Waldschlösschen. There was always a group of people who wanted to sing together, and so it looked as if there might be interest in a workshop that was just for a choir. Twelve years later, we’re still here for LGBT singers who want to meet new people and sing a range of interesting music, and who enjoy the unique and relaxing atmosphere at the Waldschlösschen.

Many of our members don’t have the time for a rehearsal every week, or live in places that don’t have an LGBT choir, and so the choir weekend every year offers them the chance to make music with other LGBT people. We are led by Britta Jobst, a conductor from Mainz, and our piano accompaniment comes from Steve Nobles, a freelance musician from Cologne.

The first time that we met in 2011, people were enthusiastic about taking part in Various Voices. We were proud to sing in Dublin in 2014 and in Munich in 2018. The festivals have a real buzz, with a rich experience of LGBTQI+ culture and people from all over the world. We’re looking forward to Bologna, a beautiful and historic city, and we hope that VV2023, besides the great music, can help improve the political situation and visibility of LGBTQI+ people in Italy and across Europe.