Regenbogenchor Hamburg

The Regenbogenchor (Rainbow Choir) Hamburg was founded in 2015 and since then, we have grown to over 20 regular singers, enjoying a broad variety of music. We survived the lockdowns by rehearsing together online or in open spaces and now we meet two or three times a month. We hold two weekend retreats each year, give concerts, take part in festivals and support other LGBT choirs and our queer community. We love being part of a regional, national and international musical and queer community!

After having performed together with other choirs and featured as guests at other concerts, we decided to hold our first Regenbogenchor concert in March 2020. No sooner did we have a perfect venue, outfits and all our songs learnt off by heart, Corona cancelled everything.

Since then, we have performed on festivals in other cities but did not yet ever sing a real big concert in our home town, Hamburg. So – if family, friends or the queer community of Hamburg want to see and hear us, they have to travel – some even show up in Bologna!
Various Voices 2023 has been in our diary since this year’s dates were first released. Of all the regular European LGBT events, this is the one that we all voted to attend, uni-solo!  We can’t wait to spend time together in a beautiful Italian city decorated with rainbow flags, with live music on every corner and fellow singers and musicians worldwide.  We are all ambassadors of queer culture and are so excited to celebrate who we are and our music together.

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