Reykjavík Queer Choir

Hinsegin kórinn/Reykjavík Queer Choir is Iceland‘s first queer choir and has been active since 2011. It started as a small group of people but has evolved into a group of 70 diverse individuals. From the start the choir has placed an emphasis on being a community – and a family – for all of it’s members as well as being a positive role model and promoting the visibility of queer people.

Since then the choir has participated in Various Voices in Dublin (2014) and Munchen (2018) as well as Queertune (Nordic LHBTIQ choir festival) in Helsinki in 2017. In addition the choir has taken a few trips to smaller towns and villages in Iceland to perform. Over the years the choir has made some special connections and friendships with other queer choirs and travelled to London in 2015 to sing with Pink Singers and to Denmark in 2022 to sing with Carmen Curlers. We look forward to making even more connections and memories at Various Voices in 2023!

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